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Welcome to the web site of the ROBO Design team!

Who we are

We are Marius and Mihai, twin brothers from Romania. Marius likes to do graphics design, digital art, 3D, 2D, web site interfaces and anything related. Mihai is all sold on web standards, web development, be it server-side or client-side - the latter being his main interest.

ROBO Design is the nickname we like to go by.

The purpose of this site

This is the place where we post anything we believe people would like to see, to read, or to use. Given what we do, the site contains lots of technical information, however you'll also find personal information and less-than technical writings. Go ahead, browse the site, see what we do. If you like anything, contact us. We enjoy reading non-spam emails :).

How to customize the Firefox Web Console output

Hello Mozillians! This is just a quick note to the blog readers about a new page on MDN: How to customize the Firefox Web Console output. The API presented is fully available in the Aurora c ... read more

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Mesaj pentru Preafericiți

În ultima vreme am ascultat muzică hip-hop și am fost inspirat de această muzică să realizez o poezie care se bazează pe acest stil muzical. Poezia realizată de mine are la bază versurile me ... read more

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